Hydraulics workshop

hydraulics workshop

Each workshop, which is equipped with machinery for production of hydraulic hoses must comply with the relevant safety requirements. Hose crimping machines, cutting or skiving machines must have its place in the workshop. They must be placed according to the tasks they perform. Functionality is the matter. It is based on the appropriate construction of the table that allows you to mount two machines, and the rest of the space is occupied by small appliances. The corresponding table height facilitates the correct performance of work by an employee of the plant. No strain on the spine, and useful items at hand.

The table in the workshop of hydraulics is required and must be safe. The frame of this table should be made of high quality structural steel, which ensures stability and strength of the performed construction. The table top should be a thick plate of 3.5 mm, equipped with oil resistant rubber, resistant to petroleum substance. The table should also have adjustable feet to allow for leveling the table.

As any industrial plant, hydraulics workshop should follow the safety health and safety regulations. Our health depends on us! So you should take care of your workplace.

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