Tokar CNC Technology: Excellence in Machining

TOKAR CNC Technology


Since 1997, TOKAR CNC Technology has earned recognition as an expert in machining. Starting with conventional lathes, the company evolved, embracing modern machining technologies. With determination and the commitment of its operators, TOKAR CNC Technology has become an industry leader, delivering precise metal components of the highest quality.

History and Development

The company’s roots date back to 1997 when conventional lathes were the norm in machining. Operators, armed with drawings and orders, manually set the machines. The process demanded not just knowledge but also the operator’s dedication. However, the company quickly understood the need for innovation and embraced development.

Today, instead of manual control, the company operates with modern numerically controlled lathes, allowing precise control and optimization of production processes. Programs for machining are entered through keyboards, floppy disks, and other interfaces, making the process more efficient and precise.

Turning and Milling

TOKAR CNC Technology specializes in producing small, precision components. Quality is the cornerstone of our business, focusing on improving quality control processes. The quality control department, equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment, ensures that each component meets the highest standards.

Collaboration with leading manufacturers of precision tools and the use of high-quality machine fixtures guarantee technically advanced solutions. The company also collaborates with businesses specializing in galvanization, providing components with various coatings tailored to their specific applications.

Materials and Technology

TOKAR CNC Technology exclusively utilizes certified materials, with a particular focus on machining stainless steel. This durable and corrosion-resistant material finds applications mainly in the fields of medicine and electronics, where reliability and durability are crucial.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, the company invests in modern machinery, such as MAZAK turning centers and STAR automatic lathes. These technologically advanced devices allow the precise and efficient machining of various materials.

Education and Environment

TOKAR CNC Technology not only engages in component production but also actively contributes to education and environmental protection. The company provides vocational training for students from technical schools, guiding their development under the supervision of experienced mentors.

Environmental awareness is a priority for TOKAR CNC Technology, confirmed by the plan to implement the ISO 14001 environmental management system in 2020. The company strives to minimize the environmental impact of the production process by employing modern methods of process optimization.

TOKAR CNC Technology

Quality and Measurement Technology

The cornerstone of TOKAR CNC Technology’s offering is a commitment to quality. The quality control department, equipped with advanced measuring equipment from Keyence, ensures the highest level of precision and repeatability in manufactured components.

Instant Measurement System (IM) series and VHX digital microscopes enable quick and precise measurements, eliminating time-consuming procedures and the risk of operator errors. TOKAR CNC Technology consistently raises the bar, delivering components of the highest quality to its clients.


TOKAR CNC Technology is a company that not only follows the latest technologies but also pioneers them. With rich experience, a commitment to quality, and a focus on environmental sustainability, the company remains a leader in the field of machining. For TOKAR CNC Technology, every component matters, ensuring that its services are not only professional but also tailored to the individual needs of its clients.

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