Industrial sectional or rolling doors?

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Industrial gates were created with the needs of industry, small and large. Manufacturers of industrial doors fully understand the problems and market demand for such gates. Businesses need to know exactly what is intended to serve as the gateway. Do you need an industrial sectional door or rolling shutter? And what do these gates differ?

Industrial Sectional Gate

Industrial segment gate is most often chosen gateway to the warehouses, small halls. Sectional doors are made of steel panels, which makes the gate sturdy and heavy. It has very good parameters of thermal and acoustic insulation. They are ideal for heated rooms. Large glass let in a solid dose of sunlight, giving the room a warm climate.

Industrial Rolled Gate

Industrial rolled gates are made of steel or aluminum. Extremely durable, take up little space and are practical to use. After opening the barrel blinds hides under the lintel. For this type of door does not need a lot of space. They are safe and trouble-free. They are designed to order and are cost-effective solution for the owner of the hall or warehouse.

Both described industrial gates with proper operation and maintenance will faithfully serve us for many years.

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