Types of roofing

Roofing is the outer layer of the roof. The roof is exposed to atmospheric factors, so covering roof with suitable material is very important. And what materials we can use for covering the roof? There are many materials. Natural roofing we include stone and wood, and plastics materials are:

  • Tiles,
  • Sheet metal roofing,
  • Shingles,
  • Nylon roofing.
  • Sprayed coatings.

The most commonly used by builders roofing tiles are tiles. For the election, we have ceramic tiles and cement. Tiles manufacturers tout their product as a reliable roofing. The tiles have different shapes, colors and texture.

roofing tiles Szczecin

Roofing is a choice between the copper sheet and galvanized. The way of laying sheets is simple and fast. Roof plate is divided into trapezoidal sheet metal and steel roofing tile.

Staying on the subject of tiles we recommend tile bituminous or bituminous shingle. Shingle is in the form of belts of modified asphalt roofing felt, which can be cut into any shape: trapezoid, rectangle or hexagon. It is mainly used on the steep and pitched roofs. In contrast, papa, as a roofing material, a cheap and quick way to the location of the material on roofs with a small decline. It is cheap, but little aesthetic, messy and not very durable.

Nylon roofing, this roofing material created on the basis of flexible polymers. It is used mainly to repair roofs.

The final roof covering, which we cite are sprayed coatings – water emulsions elastomer which, when applied to the perfect surface of the roof. The coating is robust, vigorous, easy to use. It is used on flat roofs and steep.

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