What to look for choosing to travel by bus

travel by bus

Gainful emigration of Poles meant that became very popular transport buses to the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium . More and more working abroad use this relatively cheap way of transporting people. What to pay special attention when choosing the carrier , which we will go to work?

License for the transport of persons

The first thing we should note is that the bus company has a license for international road transport of passengers. Such license shall be issued by the Chief Inspector of Road Transport. In addition, the carrier must have a Certificate of Professional Competence in the transport of persons . It certainly make sure that the travel time are covered by insurance.

The comfort and safety of the carriage

Have a long journey, because in most cases the workers busy offloaded to a few countries reeling near by Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium and back to Polish. So we need to be prepared for the fact that our journey will take up to 24 hours. So let’s take care that our bus had air conditioning and other amenities – comfortable seats, DVD, 220 V, coffee or tea for free. For safety reasons, we should look for buses, which have a double cast of drivers.


Special offers and discounts for the transport of persons

In the field of passenger transport is a lot of competition , so try to look for bargains and discounts on a journey.

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