Skylights – types and application

roof windows

Skylights due to its location must meet specific conditions when it comes to quality and comfort of use.

Among the roof windows can generally distinguish three types:

  • Pivot windows
  • Tilt-turn windows
  • Side hung windows (used in attics technical performance as a door to the roof)

windows tilt and swivel

They have the advantage over rotary windows that they can swivel, as in the case of a normal vertical window. They can be used at angles of inclination of 20 to 55 degrees. We talk about them, they are a double window opening system.

Tilt-and-swivel windows are usually equipped with a handle at the top. It can be integrated with the module ventilation.

Side hung windows

They are used as technical outputs to the roof. They have a ventilation flap equipped with an air filter. They are equipped with a gas spring that allows opening. A variation windows are windows that allows them to escape quickly opened by a lever.

The roof windows we can use electrical control with the remote control.

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