What is sheet metal laser cutting?

Sheet metal laser cutting

Laser cutting of sheet metal is a technology that uses a laser beam to precisely cut sheet metal into various shapes and sizes. The laser produces a very narrow beam of light that is directed onto the sheet metal, which then heats the material to a plastic state. As the laser is moved along the sheet, a very narrow cut is produced, which then deepens and causes the sheet metal to separate.

Laser cutting is very precise and allows for the creation of complex shapes and patterns. Laser cutting is highly efficient and fast, which makes it frequently used in industry and manufacturing. Additionally, laser cutting is very economical, and the products are highly resistant to corrosion. This method is also environmentally friendly as it emits fewer pollutants than traditional cutting methods.

The Trumpf Fiber TruDisk 6 kW is a laser cutter equipped with a high-performance narrow-band laser with a power of 6 kW. The cutter is designed for precise and fast cutting of metals up to 6 mm thick, as well as plastics and wood.

Laserschneiden von Blechen

The cutter is equipped with a premium control system, which provides high performance and reliability. This allows for the quick and precise creation of complex shapes and patterns. The cutter can work at a maximum speed of up to 2 km/min and a maximum cutting area of 3000 mm x 1500 mm.
Advantages of laser cutters:

  • Precision: Laser cutters are able to cut materials with precision up to 0.1 mm.
  • Speed: Laser cutters are able to complete projects in a very short time, which saves time and money.
  • Economical: Laser cutters are very economical as they are able to complete many projects in a short time and with a single energy input.
  • Versatility: Laser cutters are able to cut both plastic and metal materials.
  • Material savings: Laser cutters are able to cut materials with high precision, which means less material waste.
  • Safety: Laser cutters are able to cut materials without the use of mechanical tools, which reduces the risk of cuts and other injuries.

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