Distribution of water supply systems


Due to the use sanitary installations can be divided into:

  • Drinking water
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Installations pool
  • Irrigation systems
  • Systems and process water (eg for irrigation)

Due to the type of water:

  • Cold water plants
  • Water systems for hot and cold water
    • With circulation
    • Non-circulating
    • With mixer local
    • With central mixer

Because of the way the power:

  • Equipment powered from the mains
  • The recognition of the power plant’s own (deep, surface)

Due to the amount of power zones:

  • Single-zone systems (operating under supply pressure)
  • Multi-zone installations (with rising water pressure zones using WDS or pumps)

Because of the way the distribution pipes:

  • Systems with upper
  • Installation of the bottom section
  • Equipment distributor , serial, parallel

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