Safety MIG MAG welding

welding aluminium

MIG MAG welding and welding itself is not too difficult to use and dangerous, but each time before you start you need to check whether the product is in good working order and will not cause a fire. We’ve got to work rested, dressed in work clothes and personal protective equipment, which includes:

  • Protective glasses with filters
  • Welding shields
  • Dust masks
  • Leather aprons
  • Welding gloves

Metal welding should be done in specially designed for this purpose room or a separate part of the room which is called welding shop . Of course, in practice, not all of this kind goes to designate the room. So when we mig mag cover is required by the wind in open space. Bear in mind the need to ensure adequate ventilation of the rooms and especially places with a small capacity , as occurred during the welding dust and gases can lead to severe lung disease.


Some people may already convinced that the welder can contribute to the fire. So before you start welding in hazardous areas in terms of fire, which can cause an imminent danger of fire or explosion must first assess the risk of fire, and then specify the type of activities that are intended to prevent the outbreak of a further spread of the fire. We should not weld in less than five meters away from flammable or dangerous articles in contact with fire. In the room where the weld must be equipment to remove for any reason the fire. When carrying out welding work is prohibited suspension cables and hoses for welding on construction or knees and keeping them directly with any parts of the body. We should also remember that under no circumstances perform welding outfits that are under pressure.

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