Psychotherapy helps you find the right way


Psychotherapy is often confused with psychiatry. Psychotherapy is nothing more than a set of proven techniques for healing and help to cure various diseases and problems of human psychological. Human nature is a great psychological mystery to doctors, therefore, continue to be subject to numerous studies.

Psychotherapy, an integral part of psychoanalysis, constantly evolving and currently we can extract the form of psychology and cognitive psychology. The term psychology introduced Ali al-Tabari (838-870), who appreciated the role of psychological support for patients. Proof of his many years of practice is the first Arab medical encyclopedia titled “Paradise of wisdom.”


Currently, from a medical point of view of psychotherapy is divided into psychotherapy and psychosocial support. Psychotherapy (in the strict sense) deals with the treatment of neurotic disorders and anxiety disorders. Whereas psychosocial support is “helping” the patient.

The main task of psychotherapy is directing the patient to the right path, so that his behavior and attitude did not raise objections. This eliminates the undesirable behavior of the call stress, anxiety, and be focused on improving the ability to create relationships, increase self-esteem, cooperation with environment and improve their motivation.

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