Is prosthetics just dentistry?

Prosthetics is the knowledge of the fields of both medicine and technology. The main task of prosthetics is to supplement defects of tissues, organs and all activities associated with the replacement of artificial cavities replacement material. This can be a prosthetic tooth, arm, leg or other organs.

Prosthetics can be divided into:

  • dental
  • vascular
  • auditory
  • spectacle
  • orthopedic

Prosthodontics is most commonly used by man. Most often we use the services of dentists and doctors prosthetists. That doctor prosthesis is engaged in the reconstruction of our teeth. At your disposal is a lot of possibilities and ways, which should be used, for example. Porcelain veneers, composite veneers, ceramic crowns or implants.

Doctors orthodontists now have a high quality materials. Thus, the prosthetic service quality becomes better. About this quality provides an increasing number of dental offices, which offer services to prosthetics.

And if only the teeth are rebuilding? Increasingly, the media penetrate know of a new, technically advanced prosthetic arms and legs. Orthodontists researchers in the comfort of their offices create a better and more efficient prosthesis.

Also, the ophthalmic prosthetics recorded growing success.

Increasingly sophisticated operations testify to the great potential of this field of medicine.

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