Pallet cartons as the basis of modern logistics

pallet cartons

Pallet cartons are cartons whose main purpose is to store them in bulk on pallets. As such, they have a key application in industries that require the storage of large amounts of goods and in logistics. Thanks to them, a significant amount of time is saved, which has a key impact on the continuity of the supply chain.

The characteristic features of pallet cartons are their very large dimensions – they enable the storage of many smaller packages inside them, thus they can be used as collective containers. They are also characterized by a variety of shapes and styles and can be used to transport complex furniture or to store clothes, bedding, and home accessories.

hersteller von verpackungen

However, the most important feature of pallet cartons is their durability – pallet boxes, also sometimes called pallet containers or pallet boxes, are designed to bear the weight of complex furniture, clothes, bedding, home accessories, metal and casting elements, automotive parts and the like. For this reason, their susceptibility to damage must be particularly low – five-layer pallet boxes are the standard, although we can also provide boxes made of seven-layer cardboard.

Pallet boxes with dimensions adapted to standard EURO pallets as a whole (1200x800x1000) or half (800x600x600), but also non-standard ones, characterized by various shapes and designs depending on the customer’s needs are popularly used. Self-folding packaging made of several layers of cardboard should satisfy anyone who requires both size and solidity.

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