Kolobrzeg attracts tourists


Travel and leisure is one of the many holiday forms of recreation for everyone. In summer, most people choose over our beautiful Baltic Sea to enjoy the sunny days in full glory, as well as to relax and have fun. It remains the only choice the village and finding a suitable place to stay.

If you have no idea to which village to go and looking for cheaper accommodation at a reasonable price, Kolobrzeg may be ideal for you. Today it is the largest and most beautiful Polish spa with unrivaled charm and rich history, a great climate place to relax and to live.

Currently, the city is experiencing a period of dynamic development, and the EU funds enabled the launch of a series of investments to improve the standard of living and vacationing tourists. Built a new football stadium, is a redeveloped area spa, completed two stages of the small ring road, as well as fixed edges of the sea, resulting in a huge beach. Kolobrzeg also provides a wide range of cultural activities, which are realized the Regional Cultural Centre is beautifully situated amphitheater.

Due to the extensive experience in terms of tourism, hotels and pensions constantly improving its services to ensure the comfort of the highest class and quality for tourists and visitors at reasonable prices (an average of 15-25 euros per day). The main function of the city tourist-conditioned spa is the perfect location at the mouth of the river Parseta in the vicinity of forests, peat deposits, marsh ecosystem and water that provides shelter to many rare species of animals and plants.

To visit Kolobrzeg invite numerous monuments. These include Gothic St. Mary’s Basilica and the neo-Gothic Town Hall. High popularity and interest of tourists meant that Kolobrzeg offers us many attractions and cheap accommodation, to be able to stay here longer.

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