How to start a guest house?

guesthouse, hostel

Where to start? How to prepare for the provision of hotel services? Hotel services provides the guests who are looking for accommodation. Accommodation is payable. The service hospitality guarantee accommodation, food, comfort, personal hygiene, protection of property, as well as a substitute for entertainment. A stay in such a place should be pleasant and nice.

What the law specifies requirements assuming a guest house or hotel? These requirements are set out in Article. 35 of the Act on tourist services. At the beginning we need to specify the location and the range of services they intend to provide. We can choose between the following groups:

  • Hotels: objects that have min. 10 rooms, single or double rooms and on-site provide services related to customer service;
  • Motels: Roadside objects with the number of rooms 10, single or double rooms and car parking;
  • B & Bs objects min. 7 rooms with catering;
  • Camping: guarded objects with space for tents, camping or cabins;
  • Dormitories: objects that have min. 30 rooms with provision of services to the client, the self-service;
  • Youth Hostels: self-directed for young people;
  • Shelters: objects to the hiking trails providing services for tourists.

Before you start your business, we must arrange the object to the appropriate category. Dormitories and hostels are marked with Roman numerals and the rest of objects – stars. We must comply with the relevant requirements of sanitary, fire and building. Before starting the services we have to be classified in the appropriate category, type and registered in the records of hotel facilities. And how to get the grading guest house or hotel? Object belongs to the assessment report, which is entered in the register of hotel facilities, which leads marshal of the province.

Legal form for the establishment of hotel can be a one-man business or any form of company. Form of taxation depends on the legal form of the business. For hotel facilities is PKD 55.10.Z (hotels and similar accommodation).

Hotel services is a difficult subject. Guesthouses and hotels that provide accommodation services are trying to carry on their business as best they can. A estimation is left to you.

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