The perfect duo – garage door and front door

garage doors

Modern architecture is characterized by consistent color and unity in design. Such features provide a sense of peace and harmony. Is it worth to have a garage door and front door similar design and colors? Manufacturers of doors and joinery offer us more and more such arrangements.

We can choose a number of solutions, but it is better to start from the pattern selection garage door. The reason is that there is less choice of colors garage doors. Although manufacturers are trying to offer a range of design of doors, in the choice of door is much more choice. Therefore, always easier to choose a door to the gate, than vice versa.

The price of our duo will RAL color. Standard colors are a lot cheaper. Each manufacturer has in its offer several RAL colors in stock. Typically, such doors are to be bought on the spot. The next issue is the question of common purchase ribbing. Garage doors are made of steel sheet with a flat surface or profiled. Kinds of gates have different embossing, often they are horizontal, like the front door. Composing this duo will not be difficult and will have a big impact on the visual appearance of the entire house.

It is worth mentioning that almost every manufacturer woodwork also offers windows and doors similar design to our front door and the garage door. However, be careful to design veneers, because at each manufacturer’s designation may be similar, but not identical. Although the differences may be minimal and not very visible, but it will always be a difference. We need to pay more attention to one detail. This detail is that the veneer pattern is on the door, which is arranged vertically. In the garage doors and the pattern it is horizontal. Finally we mention the handle, which is part of the garage door emergency exit. While the front door is a prominent feature of the door, which will be different from the shape of the door handles in the garage door.

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