The easiest way fencing – fencing panel

fencing panel

Fencing using equipment or protective material (eg. A fence, wall, hedge, etc.) For decades underwent continuous transformations. Was intended to protect against access by third parties or animals and at the same time was the aesthetic element of the plot development.

Currently, one of the common types of fences are fence panel. Knowing the structure is made up of prefabricated concrete slab, concrete connector, galvanized poles, brackets and welded panels. The ease and speed of installation, while aesthetics and resistance to corrosion caused that are used in virtually all types of premises or public buildings that can be found both in large cities and in smaller towns.

Examples include schools, institutions, gated communities, construction sites, and possessions. The composition of such fences also includes gates, sliding and double-leaf and wicket.

When building the fence should take care of some details, among others, :

  • Determination of the axis of the fence in the field (the appointment axis and location of posts in the appropriate spacing dependent on the dimensions of fencing panels);
  • Determination of the location of steel posts;
  • Alignment of land (clean the area with the remains of trees, debris and other obstacles);
  • Dimensions of the fence (meting should start with corner posts and initial);
  • Preparing foundations for the posts;
  • Setup and installation of columns (pillars in the dug wells should be located centrally and then be stabilized with concrete B15 or finished with cement mortar
  • Pouring the concrete foundation;
  • Installation of panels to the steel posts (after thorough the concrete accession to fixing the panels with clamps).

Also, do not forget about the conditions that should be fulfilled by the fence, namely:

  • Fence shall not pose a threat to the safety of people and animals;
  • The placing on the fences, at a height of less than 1.8 m, sharp items, barbed wire, broken glass and other similar products and materials is prohibited;
  • Gates and gates in the fence can not open up to the outside of the plot;
  • Gates in the fence at the residential buildings, and public buildings not impede access to people with disabilities in wheelchairs to access;
  • The width of the gate should be in the light of at least 2.4 m and in the case of using the gate width should be no less than 0.9 m, while on the fire road widths to be governed by the provisions relating to fire protection.

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