Drawbacks of aluminum windows

aluminum windows

Unfortunately, aluminum windows have disadvantages. There are a few. One of them is a poor heat conduction characteristics. The aluminum profiles are cold. For windows, which are mounted in housing insert is used in a PVC frame, in order to increase these parameters. The house is recommended to choose the three-chamber aluminum windows. Three-chambered windows better insulate thermally. For windows used in public buildings do not apply this method.

The second drawback of aluminum windows is the inability to renovate windows. Damaged or scratched aluminum profiles can only be replaced. Aluminum is extremely susceptible to scratches and corrosion. Despite anodising or powder coating comes to corrosion of the window. That doubles the price of aluminum windows. And this is the third disadvantage of aluminum constructions. The price of aluminum is higher than that of PVC because of the unique and unusual orders.

Aluminium windows are appreciated by architects, engineers and builders, despite its flaws. Plasticity, large dimentions, this strength advantages, which determine the use of aluminum windows in building. We see them in the big cities, in large industrial buildings and office buildings. There are more and more.

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