Clinker adorns our homes

clinker brick

The clinker is formed from aluminum firing ferruginous lime, lime or magnesia-ferruginous at about 1000 to 1300 ° C. Clinker is used in industry for the production of tiles, bricks, tiles and paving stones. Product Features of clinker a high frost resistance and low thermal acumen to 6%.

Products of clinker, such as clinker brick, is used in the construction industry for finishing façade or element of modern buildings. Clinker brick has high frost resistance, strength, acid resistance and increases the thermal insulation of the entire wall. It is used to putting up buildings due to their flammability and does not change its color under the influence of weather conditions. It is appreciated by architects, engineers, builders and building owners. You can get it in several varieties: smooth, rustic, glazed smooth, grooved, or fade. It is available in several colors: red, burgundy, black, anthracite, chestnut and brown. The facades of our buildings can look very modern or retro style.

Clinker brick and tan gives the impression of an old house. But this newly erected building structure. Our buildings become more attractive thanks to a wide range of clinker bricks. Manufacturers clinker competing in producing ever newer colors and structures of bricks.

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